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The Cat Doctor

Cat in Garden

Why Cats Only

We are a Veterinary Hospital Just for Cats!

Because we have a special affection for them, and understand that they require a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere, gentle handling techniques, and a hospital team trained in the subtle social and medical nuances that make a cat a cat.

There are no frightening dog smells and sounds. The equipment, protocols, and facility are cat-designed for efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness, providing a sense of security - for both of you.

Our carefully trained health care team is devoted to cats and their owner family. Even the most difficult or scared patients are handled lovingly and with expertise.

Finally, we stay current in all aspects of feline medicine and behavior. We don't divide our attention and resources between cats, dogs, birds, ferrets or horses.

Alexis Higdon DVM, Founder

We do cats - only cats - every day and we love it!