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Associate Veterinarian

Tara Koble, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

Tara Koble, DVM

Graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Zoology/Minor in

   Microbiology, 1992

Graduated from Pierce Community College with an Associates Degree in

   Veterinary Technology, 1995

Graduated from Washington State University Veterinary School, DVM, 1999

Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, Chi Institute, Reddick, Florida, 2009 

Known for her ability to maintain and restore the special bond between cats and their “people,” Dr. Tara Koble has been feline-exclusive for the majority of her career.  She joined the Cat Dr. team in 2001, after practicing small-animal medicine in Spokane, Washington.  She believes cats are one of the most intelligent, independent creatures in existence.  When it comes to illness, however, they can be difficult to interpret due to their subtle nature.  Having someone who truly knows and understands cats can be very beneficial. 

Dr. Koble’s feline-related interests include nutrition, geriatrics and holistic medicine.  Her goal is to offer clients a blend of both modern medicine and holistic medicine in order to enhance the success rate and minimize the side effects of treatment.   

She cherishes all types of cats, but says brown tabbies hold a special place in her heart.  Her devotion to the feline species is evident in her volunteer efforts as a Medical Director for Simply Cats, but, more personally, in her belief that “there is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast.”