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The Cat Doctor Team
Kery Fost, DVMGraduated magna cum laude from Boise State University with aBS in Biology, 1980
Graduated cum laude from Washington State University Veterinary School, DVM, 1985

Senior DVM, Kerry Fost, says, "I never met a cat I didn't like – even the ones that wanted to bite me." She practiced small animal medicine from 1985 until 1998, when she decided to make felines her principal focus. Dr. Fost believes a feline only practice is important because it takes years of dedicated observation and study to truly feel at one with cats. Cats are unique, true carnivores, with enzyme systems and behavioral adaptations that make them distinct, interesting and challenging. Her favorite part about working with cats is their individual personalities, facial expressions, likes and dislikes. Dr. Fost is especially interested in feline geriatrics, internal medicine and ophthalmology. She is particularly fond of orange cats and finds the Burmese to be a fascinating breed. As far as she's concerned, anyone who says they don't like cats hasn't met enough of them. Dr. Fost strives to be the most knowledgeable, compassionate veterinarian she can be, a loving, patient and fun wife and mother, a good steward of the earth's resources, and an advocate for the humane treatment of all animals.

Tara Koble, DVM, Associate

Tara KobleGraduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Zoology/Minor in Microbiology, 1992
Graduated from Pierce Community College with an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology, 1995
Graduated from Washington State University Veterinary School, DVM, 1999
Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, Chi Institute, Reddick, Florida, 2009

Known for her ability to maintain and restore the special bond between cats and their "people," Dr. Tara Koble has been feline-exclusive for the majority of her career. She joined The Cat Doctor team in 2001, after practicing small-animal medicine in Spokane, Washington. She believes cats are one of the most intelligent, independent creatures in existence. When it comes to illness, however, they can be difficult to interpret due to their subtle nature. Having someone who truly knows and understands cats can be very beneficial. Dr. Koble's feline-related interests include nutrition, geriatrics and holistic medicine. Her goal is to offer clients a blend of both modern medicine and holistic medicine in order to enhance the success rate and minimize the side effects of treatment. She was recently certified as a veterinary acupuncturist and is enjoying the rewards of that endeavor in her practice. She cherishes all types of cats, but says brown tabbies hold a special place in her heart. Her devotion to the feline species is evident in her volunteer efforts as a medical advisor for Northwest Animal Companions (NAC) since 2005, but, more personally, in her belief that "there is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast."

Linda Lobb, DVM, Associate

Linda Lobb, DVMGraduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Microbiology, 1983
Graduated from Oregon State University and Washington State University Veterinary Schools (combined program), DVM, 1987

After more than two decades of practicing only on cats, Dr. Linda Lobb says she thinks it is clear that cat owners want and need someone who loves and understands cats. A 17-year veteran of a feline only clinic in Vancouver, Washington, she joined The Cat Doctor team in 2004. She continues to be surprised that although cats can be the number one pet in the nation, their breed specific needs are often overlooked, with many cats being handled physically, emotionally, nutritionally and medically like small dogs. Cats are beautiful, independent (though surprisingly devoted), unique individuals, and she admires their agility, sense of humor, and "sometimes subtle/sometimes blatant" communication style. Dr. Lobb loves the variety of specialties she gets to cover in any given week, from geriatrics to neonatology. Every case is a challenge and a chance to learn and grow. Although she does not have any particular favorite breed or color of cat, she does make it a goal to help and understand fearful cats that may resist medical care and attention. Dr. Lobb truly loves her profession – feline medicine and surgery, the people, and, of course, the cats. She believes that "a person who cannot love an animal, accepting them as they are with admiration, is missing a truly wonderful experience. "She also aspires to be a good mother, wife, daughter, and sister, and to be a participant in a healthy future for our world.

Jane Matheys, DVM, Associate

Jane Matheys, DVMGraduated from University of Wisconsin – Madison with a BS in Dairy Science, 1986
Graduated from University of Wisconsin – Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, DVM, 1990

A feline-exclusive practitioner for 17 years, Dr. Jane Matheys joined The Cat Doctor team in September of 2010. She has worked at several feline practices, most recently in Phoenix, Arizona, and ran her own feline house call practice in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for ten years. When asked why she thinks feline-only is important, Dr. Matheys retorts, “Cats are not small dogs – trite but true!” She believes it is important to understand and appreciate the difference in order to keeps cats as healthy as possible. Veterinary medicine continues to rapidly advance, and it can be a challenge to stay on top of all the new techniques and medicines. “I’m a better doctor by concentrating on a single species versus trying to treat all animals.” Besides, she says, cats are such beautiful, unique and fascinating creatures, “it is a joy to work with them – even the ‘difficult’ ones.” Dr. Matheys is particularly interested in geriatrics, internal medicine, pain management, and alternative therapies. A self-admitted “sucker for tabbies,” she currently shares her home with three special felines. She is very happy to be joining The Cat Doctor staff and strives to continue to be passionate about providing exceptional cat care for many years to come. She is also excited to be making her new home in Boise and looks forward to becoming an active member of the community and exploring the beautiful State of Idaho.

Rebecca Douglass, CVTRebecca Douglass, CVT, Medical Director
Medical Director, Rebecca Douglass, sought Dr. Higdon out before The Cat Doctor opened in 1997. She was extremely excited to have an opportunity to work at a feline-only hospital because she adored cats and felt rewarded when she could contribute to their health and well-being. When she met Dr. Higdon, she "saw a reflection of those same feelings, and I knew this was where I belonged. "She was the first person hired at The Cat Doctor. Rebecca believes she understands and interprets cats well. While she thoroughly enjoys playing with the little kittens and getting purrs from the sweet ones, her greatest satisfaction comes from handling the feisty and scared kitties with care and respect, creating calmness for even the most timid and anxious. She also enjoys counseling clients on the best methods for taking care of their wonderful felines.

Rebecca began her career in 1994, spending five years in emergency and critical care. She has been a LevelII Technician with the Idaho Veterinary Emergency Response Team since 2004. She earned her Certified Veterinary Technician status in 2002 and founded the Treasure Valley Chapter of the Idaho Veterinary Technician Society in 2003. She served as chairperson of the local Chapter for the following four years, and as President of the State organization from 2007-2008. She received the Idaho State Technician of the Year Award from the Idaho Veterinary Medical Association in 2003. On a personal note, Rebecca's passion for the sport of billiards led her to an Idaho State Championship in 2004. She is also married and the proud mother of a daughter and son, and shares her home with a variety of pets.

Rebecca's position as Medical Director at The Cat Doctor has allowed her to gather a team "committed to providing the most compassionate care to our patients. "Her philosophy, and that of The Cat Doctor, is to treat our patients as if they are "members of our own family," as the "special and divine creatures" they are, and to be "honored to care for them and bestow our affection upon them. "It is her hope that such dedication will ultimately provide our patients with the best medical care possible and our clients with true customer satisfaction.

Cheyenne Cutler, Client Care Manager
Cheyenne, StampLike most little girls, our Client Care Manager, Cheyenne Cutler, wanted to work with animals when she grew up. She was so happy to join The Cat Doctor team in 2002 – "it was like fulfilling that dream!"Feline medicine was fascinating to her, and she could not believe that the doctors just saw cats. Now she realizes how special and important it is, and that what we do here is not only different, but it also makes a difference in our clients' and patients' lives every day. Cheyenne feels as though she has been provided an education that cannot be duplicated. Between the medical information shared by the doctors, veterinary management conferences and personal experiences, she feels well equipped to work with people and their cats. She enjoys learning about all the different personalities of the cats and their owners. "Cat People" are a special breed, and "we are here because we understand them. "Her favorite type of cat is the orange tabby, because they tend to have an easy-going nature and love attention. Her orange tabby boy at home insists on sitting on every visitor's lap, whether they like it or not. With regards to her experience at The Cat Doctor, she says she loves that her workplace "provides continued education to both our staff and clients – the more we know, the better we can be!" Cheyenne loves summer and fall because she can be outside more, and enjoys camping, yard work and gardening in her spare time.

Susan Hamilton, CVT, Sr. Technician
Susan HamiltonSenior Technician, Susan Hamilton, finds feline medicine fascinating, but it's the "rewards of purrs" that have ultimately kept her working with cats at The Cat Doctor. Graduating top of her class in 1996 from Yuba College, Susan realized that cats were her main interest and was attracted to the idea of a feline-only practice. She came on board in 1998 and went on to receive her certification from the State of Idaho in 2001.

She has grown into a variety of positions of responsibility with us over the years and says she cannot see herself working anywhere else. If asked, Susan would say that shorthaired brown or black tabbies are her favorite, because "everywhere you look on the coat, you see something new!"Besides cats, Susan's loves in life are being a grandma, gardening, crocheting, photography, and camping with good friends.

Melissa McIlwainMelissa Colivas, CVT, Lead Technician
Our Certified Veterinary Technician, Melissa Colivas, loves the many and varied personalities she has met in the cat world. Perhaps that's because she has quite a personality of her own. A lover of life and adventures in general, Melissa's enthusiasm is felt throughout the hospital.

A graduate of Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology in 2004, she was a six-year veteran of a dog/cat practice in Idaho Falls when the idea of a feline-only practice in Boise was just too enticing to ignore. She joined The Cat Doctor team in March of 2008. Melissa shares her life with a variety of unique feline friends. She also enjoys outdoor activities and sports, music, movies, dancing and cooking.

Kim HallKimberly Hall, Veterinary Technician
Veterinary Technician, Kimberly Hall, says her two years at The Cat Doctor have been her "dream job!"She is a full-time public health employee as well, and was attracted to The Cat Doctor because she loves cats. She was also impressed with the quality of health care provided and the quality of team members employed.

Kim enjoys working with cats because of their unique and individual personalities, and she also enjoys providing health care for our furry friends. Kim is especially fond of tabbies of all shapes, sizes and colors. She says, "Pets are family members and deserve our respect and love."

Serina Walter, Veterinary Technician & Client Care Specialist
Biography and Photo Coming Soon!

Kimmy Nottingham, Veterinary Assistant
Kimmy Young A cat lover through and through, Kimmy was attracted to The Cat Doctor because of "the tight knit feel about it, and the fact that they work with cats only." She had worked at The Cat Doctor for a short time in high school, and only recently rejoined the crew in the fall of 2009. She received a BS in Animal Science from the University of Idaho, working as a calf feeder and, eventually, Assistant Manager at the college dairy. She also had the opportunity to do an internship at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park for four months as a caretaker. She plans to start volunteering at the Boise Zoo in the spring. Kimmy enjoys all the individual feline personalities she sees in our boarding facility, and says "they all know how to be cuter than anything, when they want to be." She particularly loves orange and grey tabbies, as they are very personable and tend to be outgoing and devoted. Kimmy says, "The staff and cats are my family away from home. I love coming to work!"

Cindy Winterholler, Client Care Specialist
Cindy Winderholler Having been employed in the legal field for 28 years, Client Care Specialist, Cindy Winterholler, decided she needed a challenge and a change of pace. After moving to Boise to be with herdaughter in the fall of 2005, she saw The Cat Doctor sign and knew she had found not only her cat's new veterinarian, but her new career, as well! She was drawn immediately to the professional-yet-comfortable management style, the emphasis on teamwork, and exceptional customer service. Cindy loves working in an environment with like-minded individuals, who provide an important service to their clients and the community. She also enjoys observing how much power and control cats have over their owners, having been "owned" by a variety of sly felines in the past. Cindy is fond of theatre, music and the arts, and operated a community musical theatre group for many years in the Magic Valley. Of The Cat Doctor, she says, "It's so easy to come to work at a place whose motto is ‘Cat Care by Cat People. 'I feel like I'm home. "

Thresa CliffThresa Cliff, Client Care Specialist
"Pure luck," says, Client Care Specialist, Thresa Cliff, is what brought her to The Cat Doctor. She applied for an opening in August of 2007 and got it, and has been comfortable with cats and the wonderful people who work here ever since. Not only is Thresa an animal lover, but she is also a talented artist. She attended the University of Idaho as an Art Major and participated in a Disney World Internship for Animation in Orlando, Florida.

Thresa enjoys drawing cats and other pets for their owners. She seems to always have an art project in the works for someone. Thresa enjoys watching a good movie and spending time with friends and her feline family. All cats are her favorites. "Not one of them is the same. "

Mandy Litteer, Mandy Litteer, Client Care Specialist
Mandy Litteer, the newest addition to our Client Care Specialist team, came on board in February of 2012.  She graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and has a Master’s Degree in forensic psychology.  She had heard that the Cat Doctor staff was fun to be around and a lot like a family, and she wanted to work in that kind of atmosphere.  “I felt like I was part of the team almost as soon as I started. I felt very welcome,” she said.   An animal lover all her life, Mandy became the proud owner of a smart and loving orange tabby named Julius shortly after coming to work at the Cat Doctor.   Although generally attracted to tabbies, she has recently become quite fond of full-bred Maine Coon cats.  However, the many different personalities of all the cats who come through our door have fascinated Mandy and will hopefully keep her interested for some time to come.

Chris BuschmannChris Buschmann, Caretaker & Veterinary Assistant
With over 20 years experience working with police dogs, Caretaker and Veterinary Assistant, Chris Buschmann found The Cat Doctor in 2002, just when she was making a career change and wanting to pursue her first love – felines. She was attracted to the "homey" feeling that you don't see in regular veterinary clinics, plus the staff was very knowledgeable and well trained in their profession. Besides assisting in the hospital, Chris has also holds a caretaking position in the hotel, where she has been able to enjoy the independent and unique personalities of a variety of visitors.. Her favorite breed of cat would be the Applehead and Snoshoe Siamese for their sweet and lovable personalities. Chris has five wonderful rescued kitties at home, and a German Shepherd, who is a medical service dog for her partner, Bruce. Chris says, "I wouldn't take my ‘kids' anywhere else but The Cat Doctor."

Beatrice Skinner, Caretaker & Veterinary Assistant
Beatrice SkinnerCaretaker, Beatrice Skinner, has worked in the veterinary field since she was 16 years old.  Currently a student at Brown Mackie College and studying to be a veterinary technician, Bea thought it would be interesting to work in an all cat clinic.  So, she joined the Cat Doctor team in December of 2011, and has found it a fun and comfortable place to work.  “You learn something new about cats every day.  There is never a dull day at work,” she says.  Every cat has a unique personality, and Bea finds it fascinating to compare and work with all different types of cats. She loves orange tabbies, but has a special place in her heart for the older felines who need “extra TLC.”

When not studying or working, Bea enjoys the outdoors, going out with friends, watching movies, and dancing.

Dakota Perkins, Caretaker and Alyssa Brock, Caretaker
Biography and Photo Coming Soon!